Way to Add Visitors to Your Blog

Im currently preparing for my final paper which have 5 days gap between the previous one.

So, i was thinking to kill some time by writing this shit.

Do you know that by writing a certain phrase or word in your blog can attract people to get in to it(i said get in, not read it).

Thanks to google.

When people search for this word, your blog will be listed and they will click it to see whether your blog is the thing they need(but of course not)

So, by doing this, you can get people from all over the world to get in your blog and sometime you my get visitor from people of a country that you think will never enter your site (ie :Israel)

So, the magical phrase are :
  1. Barrack Obama
  2. Najib Razak
  3. Anwar Ibrahim
  4. Hugo Chavez
  5. The Zodiac Killer
  6. Adolf Hitler
  7. Altantuya Shaaribu
  8. Last but not least Qusyairi Hashim (estimated that 10000 people googled for 1 day)

There is also something not related to names ;
  1. Free porn picture and video
  2. Apocalypse 2012
  3. Photos of Edison Cheng
  4. Meet your life partner here
  5. Increase your income in just one day
  6. your everyday milk can cause cancer

Or, maybe you prefer something more "academic"

  1. Newton's Law of Motion
  2. Triple point of a substance
  3. The Federal Constitution
  4. Green's Theorem
  5. Gibbs Energy
  6. Kepler's Law

So, this are a few words that people likes to googled. But of course, you can get a million hit if you just write something bad about the government (but my way is safer)

Happy trying

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