The Chronicles of Nasi Lemak : The Government, The Opposition and Dataran Merdeka


I just got this idea when I was having lunch just now. And somehow, I felt stupid, after years of observing Malaysia’s politics, I can’t get my finger on a strategy this simple and finally, all I need is nasi with ayam that cost me RM 7 to wake me up (on which, was quite expensive for a guy of my stature).

Do you guys remember how Malaysia was five years ago? Pre-2008 to be precise. From as far as I remember, the price of food is still acceptable, electrical tariff is reasonable, and no exorbitant price hike had been introduced by the government in the name of mitigating the country’s expenditure to the rakyats.

But, right now, we are experiencing a ridiculous increase in the cost of living. Tolls going up, sugar went up, even the public transportation will be costing more. An alien tax to the rakyats introduced and will be implemented in less than two years from now. So, I start to be wondering, what the hell is wrong with the country?

So, I started to think deeper, and do a little googling here and there, to connect the dots of what’s wrong with the country, with the system, and with the economics.

Then, it hit me, increase in salary is not the answer, because what’s the use of having a 20K paycheck every month, if one nasi lemak sambal kerang will be costing you RM 1,000. And of course, reducing the price of daily necessities won’t be contributing much. Because, as price reduced, the corporations will be suffering,  expenditure needed to be cut, resulting in lower salary for the workers, thus, it won’t be making any different. To illustrate the situation, I will be using salary, nasi lemak (analogy of our daily needs), and corporations as variables.

What will be happening if nasi lemak’s price went down?

Okay, how about, we increase our salary; will it be making our life better?

So, it’s pretty much the same result, high salary, resulted in high prices, and low prices, will be resulting to lower salary. So, don’t you think we’re wasting our time asking for low prices of goods when it will be costing us the same percentage of our reduced salary?

Okay, I guess, up to this paragraphs, someone had already labelled me a macai (a type of servant that will be doing anything for their stupid leaders, Malaysian Political Dictionary, 2012). Some might also said, “Dei! Qusyairi! That’s why we’re asking for lower price of nasi lemak, and higher gaji, stupid macai!, you’ll be burned in hell!

Yes, that’s the dream, a big fat wallet, and a big fat stomach. But I think, this is a simple mathematical equation. Where do you think your employers will be getting money to give you a big fat paycheck, if they sell their nasi lemak cheap. This system is a cycle, a rotation, and it is co-dependent with each other. It’s a utopia to be getting everything you want isn’t it? Because the cycle doesn’t work that way.

Then, you might be asking me, “So how? Should we stop using the highway, reduce sugar intake or stop eating chicken then?”. Seeing today’s health statistics, yes, you might need to be reducing some of the unhealthy food. But right now, we’re not talking about that, let’s believe that beer belly and man-boobs are everyone’s dream and right now, we’re only discussing on how to get it!

Do you know that our currency is sick now? The ringgit is an old lady, waking up every day, doing little chores here and there, praying, that she strong enough to see the night, sleeps, and waking up again tomorrow, to take a deep breath before starting her day.

I’ve read an article a few days back, saying that, as the USD being strengthened by Obama’s administration, the value of our money is going down. Analyst said, we might be going as far as RM 3.40/1 USD next year compared to RM 3.28/1 USD as per today.

So, the next question is, how we increase or decrease the value of our money (or in other word, it’s the appreciation or depreciation of the currency).

Let’s look at the currency as a product, where, if more people want it, the higher the price will be, and vice-versa. To illustrate it further, I will be using one of the technique to increase the value of a currency. For example, a bank in Malaysia offers a high interest returns to its investor, but, you can only be investing in Malaysia ringgit, not USD, sterling or any other currency. So, in order to get the high returns, investor (especially foreigner), will be buying more and more ringgit so that they can invest in the bank. Ringgit, on which, on that particular time being seen as a tall, blonde, white lady that mesmerized the eyes that look at it, started to increase it’s price, if before this, USD 0.30 is enough to get RM 1, the lady jack up the price, USD 0.40, USD 0.50, or even USD 1.0, but still, people will be buying her, because the returns that they’ll be getting. So, walla!, the USD .30 lady will now cost USD 1 if you ever wanted to be with her.

What happened to the lady after her price had increased? If before this, she only will be getting a free drinking water in a bar, but now, once the glorious lady walks into the bar, the finest scotch, pinot, 50 years old wine, will be bought for her.

That reflects, if our currency’s value increase, then the RM 1 will no longer be getting you one nasi lemak, you might be getting two, three or even four nasi lemaks.

So, if our country is so gorgeous, then, investors will be coming in, increasing the value of our money,  simultaneously, decreasing the cost of living of our rakyats.

What’s happening right now? And why, before 2008, we can live happily, with the cost of living is not as high as today? Take a deep thought, and think, between 2008 and 2013, what had happened in our beloved country.

Demonstrations, where the government was (is) labelled as corrupted, the law that had been protecting the citizen all this while had been said as inhumane, the election’s result had been accused as falsified with various electoral frauds’ accusation been made. Rakyats go to the street to protest, leaders appeared on international media smearing the good name of the country, supports from foreign leaders were sought, requesting for interference.

The lady is no longer desirable. Who want to be affiliated with a lady from a broken home, having so many problems, and perhaps, might even catched STDs. So, the lady is left alone, no other man is buying her drinks in the bar, she should be grateful they don’t kick her out from the door when she walked in.

Why I said that after five years, I just realized, that I am so stupid? Because, all this demonstrations, is not organized because they lose the elections, the demonstrations (call it whatever you want to, picket, gathering, coalition, party) itself is part of the orchestra.

Our economy started to be sick after all of this demonstration started. And from my opinion, there’s someone who’s trying to ruin our own economy, and at the end of the day, gloriously rise as the savior, cleaning his own mess, and winning our heart. It’s just like one of P.Ramlee’s movie, where he made people itch by using a fruit, and later, started to sell the medicine.

And if you ask my suggestion, in the next general election, please let them win, give them the chance to be selling their medicine, because if you don’t, they will just be making you itch more.

PRK UMP : Happy Demostrating To All!

I just reached home from Perak yesterday, and hope to enjoy my time before started working next week. So, I will be skipping any colourful introduction, and just hit straight to the point.

To those who are going to any in-campus demonstration for any reason, just think like this, for what you're fighting? Yes, I know that the so-called leaders are saying things like, this is for freedom, integrity, "suara mahasiswa". But, is there not a single voice in your heart that tells you, that they might be doing this for their personal gain? How about a little doubt of what they've been telling you whether it is true or not? It is a judgement for you yourself to be making.

To be frank, I don't know about anything that had happened or happening in UMP, but from I heard, the administration rejected a few application to compete in the campus election by certain student for academics reasons. I stand firm behind the administration's decision, and I believe, the action taken by the administration is for the best. I've been in the student leadership circle since 2010, and most of my friends were student leaders. I had seen the ups and downs. I know how busy we can be, and, even for the most excellent student, we're jeopardizing our academics once we took the obligation. But still, this is a responsible that someone has to take. So, when the administration had rejected a few names, I believe, that Datuk Yuserrie Zainuddin and his team had made the best decision, because I believe, Datuk Yusserie himself had seen the best and the worst in student leadership.

As for me myself, I also knew a few of my friends that were in the elite group (in and outside of UMP), extending their studies due to their inabilities to cope with the pressure of studying and leading, and I think, this is the reason why the administration can't be signing the approval for some students.

And as for those who are going to the demonstration tonight (I think it is tonight), just do anything that you think is right. But, just as a precaution, as studying is your priority, I hope you're able to observe the Akta Perhimpunan Aman 2011, Akta Fitnah 1957 and also any other related acts. And also remember, to put a thorough comparison, between your parents' aspirations, and the hope of someone you barely know.

Happy Election for all!

Are You Fit To Drive?

With the increase in the number of accidents each year, many parties are looking into way to overcome the problem. Road that is meant to be as a route of building closer ties between people had worked ironically, mostly due to our own negligence.

The Fatal Accidents Index (IKJ) had shown a significant increase of 1.30 points from 2007 to 2011. Various factors including drivers, cars' condition and environment had been identified. Looking at the research, it is possible for us to be safe on the road as most of the factors rooting back to the user.

With that awareness in mind, a group of student from Universiti Malaysia Pahang had initiated a social network campaign to promote a healthy and safe driving culture among Malaysian. Ranging from basic car inspection to advice in a safe driving technique, this team sets to make the users realise, that being safe on the road is in our control and it is not hard to ensure so.

Following is a part of the campaign that had been initiated by the team;

 So, if you're interested in learning more about safe driving, do follow their updates on the following medias;

The people behind the campaign

You Don't Mess With THE Anwar Ibrahim

On one normal evening, as usual, I was bored, and decided to tweet an old friend of mine, Anwar Ibrahim. Less than 5 minutes after getting my reply, this is what I've gotten from the supporters, (to keep the surprising elements, I'll show you the tweet and the reply at the end of this posting).

There's a few more, but, I've just selected a few. These were the replies obtained just by tweeting this;

And getting a reply like this;

Yes, I know how you adore The Great Anwar Ibrahim, but....err..I just don't want to talk about it. BUt anything, good for you Anwar, you'll need a  lot of hardcore supporter to hold any demonstration soon in the future when laws are just not good enough for you.

But, despite being able to reply tweet such as mine in less than 5 minutes, 

it always makes me wonder, why question such as the following will not be getting any reply at all;


But anyway, congratz in becoming someone really famous on cyberspace, I hope, if you won the next election (or succeeded in the next coup d'etat), why not appoint all those famous people in twitter to be on your cabinet also.

How BN Won the Election

Right after the GE13's result had been announced, allegations on fraudulent act by the ruling coalition had been circulated especially in cyberspace. Various parties urged for the result to be studied again or declared as void. Seeing how strong the Pakatans supporters were before the election, it is shocking to most of us how Barisan Nasional won the election, on which, this can be the main reason why the result had been questioned. Before going further into the issue, let's have a look on the allegations that had been made for the past few weeks to Barisan Nasional;

Type of Fraud
Probability of Winning : Losing
Bringing in immigrants as voter
Calculated from 40,000 Banglas with 12 million voters. Chances of winning increase to 0.33%
(No. Of Immigrant X Flight Tickets X Accomodation). 40,000X RM 1500 (estimation) X RM 300 (estimation) = RM 18,000,000,000
Payout to rakyats
50:50 as those that received the money might not be voting for BN
Undefined ~ By estimation, will cost more than RM 100 mil.
“temporary” indelible ink
Undefined. But, if BNs have a workforce of about 100,000 that will vote twice, this increase the chance of winning to 0.833%
Undefined ~ By estimation RM 10 mil
Blackout “incident”
Almost zero as ballots can easily be printed

A little comment about the accusations made, if, IF, BN did lied to win the election, why must they implement various tricks that cost not millions, but billions of ringgit when they can simply bring a mystery box into the hall during the blackout, and fuh!, be the government. Right?

And, for those that believe the government used the mystery box technique,care to explain why BN's favourite candidates like Raja Nong Chik, Ali Rustam and many more lost and most importantly, why BN just let Anwar Ibrahim to win when they (as accused) can easily make Dr. Mazlan as an MP? No logical explaination don't you think?

I can't deny the fact that Pakatan obtained more vote (overall) compared to Barisan Nasional, I can't deny the fact that Pakatans supporter looks like larger in number compared to Barisan's, but, there's technique of winning the election that Anwar Ibrahim failed to learn when he was with the government. Technicality.

Technicality. As in debate, when both side of the benches failed to convince the judges with their facts, the winning team will be determined by technicality aspect which includes how they bring up the motions, rebutting statements, styles, etc. And for most debaters, when they are aware of the predicament of 50/50 chances of winning, technicality will be the one thing they held tightly to. Same goes as the case in GE13, Pakatan and BN have the same chances of winning looking at their manifestos, Pakatan has the edge as rakyats want a change after more than 50 years with the ruling party. After winning 12 general elections in a row, BN has the advantage of experience, and that what helped them to triumph.

This is not an election to choose a president like United States, despite having a support of more than 50% of the rakyats, but, if majority of your voter were saturated at certain constituents, you can't be ruling the country, like the case of PR. Due to this minor yet important aspect forgotten, you can't be winning an election in Malaysia.

Unlike Pakatan, BN had been engaging directly with the rakyats, the candidate had visited their prospective voters, and the President of the Party, Najib Razak, don't really involve in on-ground campaigning. So, despite never been visited by the president, still, the rakyats never felt "excluded" as the President himself never put on-ground visit as his main agenda. Visits by the candidates had been enough for the rakyat.

Ironically, Anwar Ibrahim involving directly with on-ground campaigns caused the party to be seen farther from the Rakyats. Why? Because he had been on the move since several months ago, and I believe that more than  90% of his supporters had seen him personally (as in ceramahs or private visit), so, when there's rakyats that never been visited by him, they felt excluded, like a child that failed to get the attention of his father.

Okay, analogy time. Two situations. First, a father with three child, never spend time with them, but still, cater their every needs, implications: yes, everyone will be happy. Second situation, a father with three child but focuses more on only two of them, and for sure, that one poor child will go against him.

Despite having a popular vote of 50.87%, but most of it is contributed by the places and people that he visited the most, and most places visited are saturated with registered voter (thus contributing to the popular vote), but, still, Barisan had played the game fairly, with their own strategy to win, and as we can see it, succeeded.

For me, all those allegations made are just unacceptable and made due to the losses faced by them, because if they really want to declare the result as void, why leaders in both Kelantan and Penang had sworn in as Chief Minister? Think about it.