Before i continue with my post, i would like to remind readers that i am not writing from political perspective.

I got this picture from a facebook profile of a pro-gov person. Written ; vote for PAS is a vote for the unbelievers ( كافر )

For me, with my limited knowledge on religous, the statement is like we're accusing that the candidates is كافر . And, in Islam, we're not allowed to labelled someone as kafir (كافر ) or even hypocrite (منافق) unless proven because as a human we have no rights of judging the faith (إيمان) of others.

We must remember that in order to be a leader, tainting the good names of other people is not the way nor steps to lead others. I am not accusing the candidates from the other party had done this, but i just remembering the supporters, so that they won't be too radical to ensure the victory of their favourites candidates.


Syamil said...

undi ayah pine

Anonymous said...

Bahaya giler mengkapir-kapirkan org ni, even kalau kita joking2 pun. The implication of the word is so heavy you can't even imagine. Mudah giler lidah kita melangkah boundaries kan? May Allah protects us all from it.