What Happens in facebook, stays in facebook

There is a lot of things in facebook that is not the same in real life. I have a friend in facebook, we chat a lot, share Mafia Wars items, but still, I don't think we will be that friendsly when we met in real life as he is from indonesia and im not.

I also have a mafia wars friend that bout 50 years old, can be said as my closest mafia wars friend, but still, is there any chances when we met, we can chat and talk about the game we like, i dont think so.

Another issue is about the applications thing. XXX wants to marry you, in life, we dont even talk to one another.

I also had a senior from school, in facebook, we chat, make jokes and communicate as we are best friend, but when i met him, we just like peoples that had just met each other.

The other day i was some sort of fighting with my friend in facebook, but when we met, we just chat as usual and forgets that thing ever happens.

So, i think its true, the real life will never be the same as cyber space


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amad said...

conclusion; facebook = vegas? :D