Ingredients to deal with government's agencies.

Personality :
  • 3 bowl of patience
  • professionalism (to avoid from cursing the operator or the front desk girl)
  • strong determination (especially after the operator told you that the person you want to talk to is unavailable after hours of waiting)

For dealing with phone.
  • No credit limit (for postpaid user)
  • At least got Rm50 credit(prepaid user) (essential in order to get the chance to speak to a particular person-you can also enjoy the ding-dong music![while waiting for the person to be connected to you])
  • Loudspeaker enable phone ( so that you can play computer games while waiting for someone to pickup your call). Games that can be played
i)GTA (you'll manage to have a six-star wanted level b4 someone pickup ur call)
ii)The Sim (you'll manage to get 2 child b4 they pickup ur call)
iii)Left4Dead(win the hardest level [the boathouse])
iv)You can also write a blog like this.
  • Phone that can be set to auto-redial (believe me, you'll need it)
  • Full battery ( essential as you'll need to call them over and over again)

When dealing directly
  • Time (you'll spend your whole day just to take care of one problem)
  • Money ( most probably you need to go to the nearest mamak stall before your job is done)-this may need to be done more than once.
  • patience ( important-especially when you were told that the person you are seeing is having a meeting but you can only see he/she is chatting with his/her colleagues when you had sneak from the back door.

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