Building Bridges, Slashing Ties

Since before Merdeka, we tried to form a unity among Malaysian. And it is with it we gain independence. The Malays had been working for hundreds of years to govern their own land but then, with the help of the Chinese, Indians and other races we gain independence. And from that time, we know that the key to everything is when all races in Malaysia united as one. With that, we had done various 'things' to ensure that we can achieve unity.

But, there is one little detail that we don't take into consideration, the ways and effectiveness. I can't deny the fact that the government had do their job as well as the rakyat. But, does the method that we use really works or make things worse.


We have UMNO, MCA, MIC and other race-based party. The main reason of forming such parties is so that all races will have equal rights. The Indians are being 'taken care' by MIC, Chinese and Malays are being guarded by MCA and UMNO.

Seems noble right? But what behind it is that a circle of connection just exist intra-party. Yes, we do have Barisan Nasional that unite all of the parties, but still, there're gaps between it.

That's why, then, Dato' Onn had propose UMNO to be a multi-racial party. It's true that a leopard can't change it's spots, but, more a less, we can form a stronger ties between us. And this might also be one of the factors that helps the Pakatan to win more seats in the previous election.

A system that we create to unite us, is actually a system that are tearing us apart piece by piece. And, if we look to a more developed country, such system doesn't exist but still, the 'welfare' of all races are taken care of.


We had seen various commercials, dramas, animations and even films that shows how peoples from various races can be friends. It's to depict that peoples in Malaysia can live happily and in a harmonious condition despite of having racial differences.

And, almost in all of the commercials or dramas, it will involve our three major races, Malays, Indians and Chinese. There are several problems regarding this so-called unity catalyst

1)  The rakyat of Malaysia is not only Chinese, Indians and Malays. We also have the Sikhs, Ibans, Baba Nyonya and etc. Why must we just focus on this three races and "forget" about others.
2) Explicitly, the movie wants to show that there is no difference among various races in Malaysia. Implicitly, it shows that we still label people by their skins.

Actually, there are still several aspects that I would like to discuss. But, I'll just stop here due to several restriction and to avoid any provocations.

We're still watering the plant even using fuel, but, will the plant be watered?


fatin zalikha :) said...

yes, i agreed. but, can u comment on hak istimewa org melayu? cus i think some people did not understand the history and cannot accept it. what is your opinion. i would love to read it ;)

Qusyairi Hashim said...

i think i can make a post about it.

It is not people "tak faham" about hak istimewa, its more like "buat2 tak faham"...

for me, its all just politically motivated..