Can you imagine if it took you 50 years to change your cloth?

Najib said that Barisan Nasional has given hope to the people to help bring transformation to Sarawak.

I'm writing from a perspective of a nonpartisan.

After yesterday's election, Najib announced that he'll be bringing changes to Sarawak. And I wonder why he put it that way. It's not like in the previous term, Sarawak was PR's. I can accept the remark, if he said that he'll continue the good work in Sarawak, but, to bring changes? It doesn't seems right, it's like, you're saying, we'll need an election in order to developed the whole state. 

Please, you had been there since 1963, yet, you only talk about changing after 50 years? I'm not saying that the government had neglected Sarawak's development for the previous 50 years. But from this remark, I afraid, people will see it that way. To Mr. Prime Minister, please be extra careful with your words, because, it may deny all of the good job that had been done by you and our forefathers 

But, all in all, I just want to congratulate Barisan Nasional for their landslide victory in Sarawak. Tahniah!!!

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