Due to the recent failure of getting the chance in becoming Bayer's Young Environmental Envoy, I would like to list up "the fails" that I faced this year.

  1. Application for a study visit to United States under the "Study of the U.S. Institute on New Media and Politics" program, organized by the United States government. Status : rejected
  2. Application for Bahasa Melayu facilitator for students of the Northern Illinois University (NIU). Status : rejected
  3. And the latest, is the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy, Status : rejected
  4. and before I forget, I also failed Bayer's last year.
But, I'll not be looking for any KB Mall to jump. I just look back, and see what I had achieved over the years. Such as;
  1. Leading a team for a research in Cambodia.
  2. Becoming the president of my faculty during  first year
  3. Being able to present about the university's policies in a public university in China
  4. Leading the university's internationalisation taskforce
  5. Had done a leadership program for the juniors on which 95% of the participant had now be the university's top student leaders.
  6. and now, I'm still handling the faculty's international relation taskforce.
When I look again, I just failed a few of the small things, yet, achieving something a lot bigger. and, i need to live with the fact that, I am awesome...

ps : yes, this is bragging.. :-)


Sambal Belacan Sedap said...

hebat gler blog hang.. english lagi.. selamat menulis.. n selamat berpolitik..

Qusyairi Hashim said...
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Qusyairi Hashim said...

malas dah nak politik sekarang ni jijan. dah tua dah. just nak rehat kat umah, main dengan cucu je.. :P

pasal bahasa tu, aku masih belum mampu menulis in russian