Open Letter to My Public Speaking Lecturer

Warning : This post might be a little annoying

Dear Madam,

I'm writing to you this letter only for one single reason, that is ;

To be frank, I had noticed about the problem with this course since the first day of class. How public speaking had been exaggerated as THE most frightful thing to be done by many.Later, after the outline briefing, several few problems had been identified, first, the mark distribution on how a big portion of mark will be coming from WRITING rather than speaking. And, throughout the course (if I'm not mistaken), the student will only be tested (speaking) for about three or four times (in the WHOLE semester). 

Despite all of the mumbo jumbo (for those who knows how arrogant I am), I'm extremely confident that getting an A just a piece of cake for me. So, I just followed the route,despite knowing how wrong it is.  And the other reason that I don't express any resentment is that, realising that we're staying in Malaysia, and "berlagak pandai"  will; be the last thing you want to do to the person who will soon be giving you marks.

Back to the syllabus, if we analyze it carefully (and we all know it too well), a good writer will not surely be a good speaker (and vice-versa). Given that the course analyze more on text and outline preparation of a speech, how can they (the course's planner) give an assurance, the for those who had taken the course (and ace in it) can be a good speaker? To be frank, there is not a single changes that can be seen from the student before and after taking the course.

About the "practical" part, speaking for several times for the WHOLE semester, for me, will not help the student to be a good public speaker (or even a public speaker). If you ask any of the debater/orators out there, who can speak as fluent as Martin Luther King or even our beloved Anwar Ibrahim, their practices will not only be three or four times in FOUR months.

Dear Madam,
This letter (complaint) at first is just because the grade that had been given to me, but, further into my writing, I realise, how the subject will not be bringing any (or perhaps will bring a few) benefits to the students taking it. And, I would like to applaud the act that had been taken by the Centre  for Modern Language and Human Sciences of the University to no longer offers this course in the future. And if, the Centre wants to re-introduce the course, I hope, a deep discussion, research and analyzation can be done, so that we're not wasting the government's funding, and the students' time for this course.

If by any way, this letter had been read by you or any upper management from the Centre of Modern Language, and, the management would like an explanation from me regarding this matter, I'm prepared for a Presidential Debate session with any of your A+ student and if i lose, I'm ready to retract any of my statement, and my statement can be considered as untrue.

-Student Leader,
2002- Present
-University's Debater
-Your B+ student

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