And My Vote Goes To....

If, if I'm able to cast more than two votes and no rule saying that I must be a registered voter in aparticular constituent, then, my vote will be going to these people.

Khairy Jamaluddin
In his early years in politics, this lad had been shadowed by his prime minister father in law, Tun Abdullah Badawi. Being labelled by some as a spoiled brat, Khairy climbed to the top of the political ladder rapidly, in less than 5 years (I think). To be frank, I'm not a fan of Khairy (heck, I'm not a fan of anyone), in his early days as a politician, but, in the past one year, I can see he had changed from a naive young politician to a more mature leader. One vote for you bro.

Fuziah Salleh
I'm not in the same boat as YB Fuziah when it came to the rare earth issue in Kuantan. But, other than that, I think Fuziah is the best candidate to be positioned by Pakatan in Kuantan. I've met YB Fuziah personally, and you know how? By sending her a tweet at about 1a.m, asking whether she'll be free or not at 9a.m on the very same day, she's agreed. I met her in Kuantan, when she had done visiting the seller and Kuantanese at one of the market there, looooooooooooooooong before the election to know the rakyats problems. And while we're having our breakfast there, passerby greeted just like how they will greet a friend, and not a parliamentarian. She's truly a pemimpin berjiwa rakyat.

Saifuddin Abdullah
Firstly, sorry for being a bit harsh, given the fact that most of our parliamentarians are robots programmed by their creators/leaders to just nod at everything told, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, is among a few that still have control of himself. Unlike others, if he thinks that what the government did is wrong, then, wrong it will be. It's true, being as bold as this when you're not yet the Prime Minister may jeopardize your chance of remaining in your seat, but at least, leader like this will keeps the rakyats faith in good governance alive.

Lim Guan Eng
 "Lim Guan Eng, who's that", is my first question in 2008. Labelled as a racist by the locals media, he had been discriminating the Muslims in Penang by giving them a special allocation for Sekolah Agama in the state, other than that, he's the one responsible to increase the allowance of imams and bilals in Penang.And , this anti-Islam/anti-Malay Chief Minister also rules the state guided by Amar Ma'aruf Nahi Munkar's way of governance. Portrayed by the local medias as not capable of running a state, Guan Eng had settled 95% of Penang's debts in less than four years in office.

and, lastly.......................

Well, if California can have Arnold Schwarzenegger, why not us? And plus, I love Gerak Khas.


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