How BN Won the Election

Right after the GE13's result had been announced, allegations on fraudulent act by the ruling coalition had been circulated especially in cyberspace. Various parties urged for the result to be studied again or declared as void. Seeing how strong the Pakatans supporters were before the election, it is shocking to most of us how Barisan Nasional won the election, on which, this can be the main reason why the result had been questioned. Before going further into the issue, let's have a look on the allegations that had been made for the past few weeks to Barisan Nasional;

Type of Fraud
Probability of Winning : Losing
Bringing in immigrants as voter
Calculated from 40,000 Banglas with 12 million voters. Chances of winning increase to 0.33%
(No. Of Immigrant X Flight Tickets X Accomodation). 40,000X RM 1500 (estimation) X RM 300 (estimation) = RM 18,000,000,000
Payout to rakyats
50:50 as those that received the money might not be voting for BN
Undefined ~ By estimation, will cost more than RM 100 mil.
“temporary” indelible ink
Undefined. But, if BNs have a workforce of about 100,000 that will vote twice, this increase the chance of winning to 0.833%
Undefined ~ By estimation RM 10 mil
Blackout “incident”
Almost zero as ballots can easily be printed

A little comment about the accusations made, if, IF, BN did lied to win the election, why must they implement various tricks that cost not millions, but billions of ringgit when they can simply bring a mystery box into the hall during the blackout, and fuh!, be the government. Right?

And, for those that believe the government used the mystery box technique,care to explain why BN's favourite candidates like Raja Nong Chik, Ali Rustam and many more lost and most importantly, why BN just let Anwar Ibrahim to win when they (as accused) can easily make Dr. Mazlan as an MP? No logical explaination don't you think?

I can't deny the fact that Pakatan obtained more vote (overall) compared to Barisan Nasional, I can't deny the fact that Pakatans supporter looks like larger in number compared to Barisan's, but, there's technique of winning the election that Anwar Ibrahim failed to learn when he was with the government. Technicality.

Technicality. As in debate, when both side of the benches failed to convince the judges with their facts, the winning team will be determined by technicality aspect which includes how they bring up the motions, rebutting statements, styles, etc. And for most debaters, when they are aware of the predicament of 50/50 chances of winning, technicality will be the one thing they held tightly to. Same goes as the case in GE13, Pakatan and BN have the same chances of winning looking at their manifestos, Pakatan has the edge as rakyats want a change after more than 50 years with the ruling party. After winning 12 general elections in a row, BN has the advantage of experience, and that what helped them to triumph.

This is not an election to choose a president like United States, despite having a support of more than 50% of the rakyats, but, if majority of your voter were saturated at certain constituents, you can't be ruling the country, like the case of PR. Due to this minor yet important aspect forgotten, you can't be winning an election in Malaysia.

Unlike Pakatan, BN had been engaging directly with the rakyats, the candidate had visited their prospective voters, and the President of the Party, Najib Razak, don't really involve in on-ground campaigning. So, despite never been visited by the president, still, the rakyats never felt "excluded" as the President himself never put on-ground visit as his main agenda. Visits by the candidates had been enough for the rakyat.

Ironically, Anwar Ibrahim involving directly with on-ground campaigns caused the party to be seen farther from the Rakyats. Why? Because he had been on the move since several months ago, and I believe that more than  90% of his supporters had seen him personally (as in ceramahs or private visit), so, when there's rakyats that never been visited by him, they felt excluded, like a child that failed to get the attention of his father.

Okay, analogy time. Two situations. First, a father with three child, never spend time with them, but still, cater their every needs, implications: yes, everyone will be happy. Second situation, a father with three child but focuses more on only two of them, and for sure, that one poor child will go against him.

Despite having a popular vote of 50.87%, but most of it is contributed by the places and people that he visited the most, and most places visited are saturated with registered voter (thus contributing to the popular vote), but, still, Barisan had played the game fairly, with their own strategy to win, and as we can see it, succeeded.

For me, all those allegations made are just unacceptable and made due to the losses faced by them, because if they really want to declare the result as void, why leaders in both Kelantan and Penang had sworn in as Chief Minister? Think about it.

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