PRK UMP : Happy Demostrating To All!

I just reached home from Perak yesterday, and hope to enjoy my time before started working next week. So, I will be skipping any colourful introduction, and just hit straight to the point.

To those who are going to any in-campus demonstration for any reason, just think like this, for what you're fighting? Yes, I know that the so-called leaders are saying things like, this is for freedom, integrity, "suara mahasiswa". But, is there not a single voice in your heart that tells you, that they might be doing this for their personal gain? How about a little doubt of what they've been telling you whether it is true or not? It is a judgement for you yourself to be making.

To be frank, I don't know about anything that had happened or happening in UMP, but from I heard, the administration rejected a few application to compete in the campus election by certain student for academics reasons. I stand firm behind the administration's decision, and I believe, the action taken by the administration is for the best. I've been in the student leadership circle since 2010, and most of my friends were student leaders. I had seen the ups and downs. I know how busy we can be, and, even for the most excellent student, we're jeopardizing our academics once we took the obligation. But still, this is a responsible that someone has to take. So, when the administration had rejected a few names, I believe, that Datuk Yuserrie Zainuddin and his team had made the best decision, because I believe, Datuk Yusserie himself had seen the best and the worst in student leadership.

As for me myself, I also knew a few of my friends that were in the elite group (in and outside of UMP), extending their studies due to their inabilities to cope with the pressure of studying and leading, and I think, this is the reason why the administration can't be signing the approval for some students.

And as for those who are going to the demonstration tonight (I think it is tonight), just do anything that you think is right. But, just as a precaution, as studying is your priority, I hope you're able to observe the Akta Perhimpunan Aman 2011, Akta Fitnah 1957 and also any other related acts. And also remember, to put a thorough comparison, between your parents' aspirations, and the hope of someone you barely know.

Happy Election for all!

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