Are You Fit To Drive?

With the increase in the number of accidents each year, many parties are looking into way to overcome the problem. Road that is meant to be as a route of building closer ties between people had worked ironically, mostly due to our own negligence.

The Fatal Accidents Index (IKJ) had shown a significant increase of 1.30 points from 2007 to 2011. Various factors including drivers, cars' condition and environment had been identified. Looking at the research, it is possible for us to be safe on the road as most of the factors rooting back to the user.

With that awareness in mind, a group of student from Universiti Malaysia Pahang had initiated a social network campaign to promote a healthy and safe driving culture among Malaysian. Ranging from basic car inspection to advice in a safe driving technique, this team sets to make the users realise, that being safe on the road is in our control and it is not hard to ensure so.

Following is a part of the campaign that had been initiated by the team;

 So, if you're interested in learning more about safe driving, do follow their updates on the following medias;

The people behind the campaign

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