A tale of doctor and medical school

This is based on a true story.

My dream since i was a young boy is to be a pilot. Pilot for an airlines company to be precise. Traveling for free, great lifestyle, breakfast in Malaysia, lunch in India and dinner at US. A lifestyle that i'll be enjoying a lot (I am a type of person that loves getting busy).

But, it all change when I am in form 4, bout 3 years ago. A group of ex-student of my school came for a program during the activity week. They start telling stories about becoming a doctor, getting into overseas medical school and that really gets my attention.

Soon after the program, I'd change my ambition, I want to be a doctor. Started on that day, I kept telling myself that I must get into medical school right after my SPM. But, as fate had arranged, my result for SPM cannot be the ticket for me to be a doctor. Just one more A is the distance between me and a hospital. But still, I kept telling my self that I can become a doctor. So, I continued to study in Asasi Universiti Malaya.

When in Asasi, I took Life Science in order to continue my studies in medicine. But, again, my result didn't qualifies me to take MBBS nor MD. So, I opted to go to Universiti Malaysia Pahang and study Chemistry.

I'm still here and one day, I had watched the movie Saw(not sure which episode). I can't stand watching the scene when the bad guy is torturing or doing surgery to his victim. Then, there is another movie, Pathology. I felt a little uncomfortable feeling when watching the doctor opening a patient's rib cage. And, on that time I realize, I wasn't meant to be a doctor. I was meant to be something else, maybe a chemist or politician or a businessman, but not a doctor.

When I change my ambition to be a doctor, I never think about the corpses and other body exploring activity, but now, I already know why no matter how hard I work, I still can't be someone who I want to. It is because, that is not the thing that had been written earlier.


Amin Rox said...

Kata nak jadi ahli politik??

Qusyairi Hashim said...

memang la nak jadi ahli politik, tapi slow2 la. mahathir pun jadi doktor dulu sebelum jadi pm, so aku rasa aku kena jadi alchemist dulu sebelum masuk politik.