Please don't do this in facebook.

If i'm not mistaken, this is the 3rd post i write bout facebook.

There are several things that you should not be doing while using facebook due to several factor :
-It's annoying
-....., i think that is the only thing, ANNOYING.

I had done research and had listed several case.

CASE 1 :
Please don 'like' your own picture or post.

CASE 2 :
You don't have to be the first to comment on your photo or status. and it will be more horrible if after you comment, there is nobody else commenting on it. Memalukan...

CASE 3 :
For this case, i better start it with a chronological story.
1)there is a picture of you
2)you are someone with position in ur place (ie : presiden MPP)
3)you had took picture with other prominent figure
4) and the caption goes like this
The SRC President of University of **** having dinner with the transport minister.

Pleaseeee, its very annoying to people who visits your page. Why dont you just write this, I and Datuk X, that will be better rather than calling yourself with your own name in that picture together with your pangkat.

CASE 4 :
I had just visit a site. she is using her picture without 'tudung'and there is a status below it (the part where it says describe something about urself)

Ya Allah, berikanlah jalan petunjuk

What 'jalan' you wish to get? If i may show you one, it will be, GET YOUR HEAD COVERED.

click on the picture for a better quality


So, that is the thing in facebook you need to avoid doing it, let's revise it back
  1. dont like urself
  2. dont comment on yourself
  3. avoid 'ke-poyo-an' melampau
  4. please dont make a statement that contradict with who u r. or other people might say, please dont show picture that is not you (both can be used)

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