1Malaysia The Movie In 3D

This article is written from a perspective of a non-partisan

It's impossible for a Malaysian today, that, when being asked about 1Malaysia, said that he did not know anything about it. And, I'm not considered as exaggerating facts if I said that 100% of Malaysian know about 1Malaysia. BUT, knowing a person by their names doesn't mean you know him well, and I wonder, the percentage of Malaysian that really understand what 1Malaysia is all about.

Everytime the country changes its administration, from the Late Tunku until Najib Razak, they will introduce a new so-called "plans" for the development of Malaysia. Mahathir with Wawasan 2020, Abdullah with his Islam Hadhari and now, 1Malaysia by Najib. All of the plans, for me, is to highlight the leader's views, ideas and thought on how he will be administrating the country.

Frankly, if 1Malaysia is a product, it'll dominate each and every household with it's product, just like the Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil, or ACME, that you'll see in any Disney's cartoons. 

Since 2nd of April 2009 (the day that 1Malaysia was introduced), there is no single day that I passed without hearing, watching or even talking about 1Malaysia. They even got songs for it. Yes, SONGS, many of them. And this is one of it (actually, this song is quite nice)

For me, the promotion for 1Malaysia is big, very big. Bigger than Rozmey's 2Alam. From TV Commercial to it's own talkshow, Selamat Pagi 1Malaysia. It's fine to have such promotion, but, as rakyat, what I really want to see is the execution and also it's success.

You are not even close to Najib, Dr. Rozmey.
Try comparing the 1Malaysia concept with Mahathir's Wawasan 2020. I don't think Wawasan 2020 promotion had been this big. But, it's proven, that Mahathir's vision had managed to change Malaysia from a agriculture, poor and the "above Singapore, below Thailand" country to an industrial and respected state. Even some said that we might not be able to achieve the listed target in Vision 2020 on time, but still, it had brings us, Malaysian, to a whole different level from before, and this is good enough for me.

I'm not saying 1Malaysia is not "working", but, I hear more than see its result. From 1Malaysia clinic to 1Malaysia email, for me, it's no less than a rebranding of the previous system. Yes, you had succeeded in promoting your concept Najib, but, promoting alone is not enough if there's no big result to be shown.

What's the use of having batik 1Malaysia or a 1Malaysia coffee, if that cannot contribute to this little country's development.  And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad (lyrics of Mad World, Gary Jules) when I see hundreds of 1Malaysia brands despite no distinct difference that the concept had made from the previous administration.

Among the products,
1Malaysia Bag

1Malaysia's Batik

Kek Lapis 1Malaysia

It's main product, 1Malaysia Clinic

1Malaysia coffee, and also 1Malaysia mug by the way

Last but not least, 1Malaysia's susu

For a promotion this big, yes, 1Malaysia is just like a movie. You have your posters, OST, and also your action figures. But, just like any other movie, I will be out from the cinema, looking for a toilet after holding my bladder for two hours, not thinking a thing about the movie anymore.

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