Know Your Jews

Meet the family of Glen and Gila Jasper. Both of them had been blessed with four cute and intelligent daughters. Both Glen and Gila have normal daytime jobs, and never took a single life.

This is a Jewish Baby that had was born about 10 months ago. His stroller was decorated with Israel's flag as a symbol of patriotism to his country. And, like the Jaspers, this baby never killed anyone.

This is the late Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, he was a scholar and a Lithuanian Orthodox Rabbi. He came to the United States in 1936. He had saved many lifes by opposing the idea of failed medical transplant. He's a peace lover and didn't support any act of violence.

This young man is a member of Israel Defense Force (IDF). He's mourning over the lost of a comrade in a battle in Lebanon. And just like you and me, he has feelings, and he can also shed a tear.

Benjamin Netanyahu is the first Prime Minister of Israel born in the State of Israel. He worked with the IDF before, and one of the main character that orchestrated the attack in Gaza.

This is a painting by Laurent De La Hire, of Abraham sacrificing his son. Abraham is the father of Israelite and also a prophet in Islam. 

In the war between Gaza and Tel Aviv, most Muslims around the world had boycotted the Jewish community, labeling them as terrorist and prayed for their destruction without realizing, that we came from the same place, and somehow connected with each other.

While rage take control of our mind, we labelled the good men and women of Israel as murderers, and hope that Allah will punish them for what had happened in Gaza. 

When people relate Muslims with terrorism, we always thought that the world was being unfair to us. But, try to think deeply, whether we are doing the same to our Jewish brothers and sisters by labeling them as murderers and worse, praying for their destruction.


adham said...

Quite bold statements. Many muslim will go apeshit and label u as pro yahudi/ unsympathetic with Palestinian plight

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