Qusyairi's Dream Wedding

The Bride
The bride will be a Bosnian model in the age between 23-27. Reason? All ladies in Bosnia are so beautiful and plus, they had just recovered from a war,thus, making the mahr lower than the ladies here in Malaysia.

The Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap. Why? Because I just love that place, no other reason. Yes, it is an old place full with monk burning incense, poor kids running around,begging, but, for some unknown reason, I love that place and I want my special day to be there. The buffet will be at the entrance of the temple as for the wedding ceremony, it will be held on the Upper Gallery of Angkor Wat at the Central Sanctuary.
Upper Gallery

Given that Angkor Wat is a popular tourist spot during the daytime, so, the wedding will be held at night. Perhaps starting at 6PM until late. 

The bride will be arriving to the temple by a Tjotter paddled by her bridesmaids. The bride will first go around the moat before coming into the temple. From the entrance to the central sanctuary, there will be a horse-drawn carriage bringing her in. As for the groom, he'll be arriving on a Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin directly on top of the central sanctuary.

Dress Code
To help me to be one of the favourite son-in-law, all guest must be wearing Bosnian traditional clothing, on which, when I googled, I got this

and for the guys, it's just the ordinary two-pieces suit.(thank God)

Appetizer : töltött tojás. (The name seems like it's some kind of a good food right? Basically, it is just egg stuffed with mayo and mustard)
Main : Nasi Kandar (Catered by Subaidah Sdn. Bhd.)
Dessert : Pavlova
Drinks : Halal Wine (Australian), Non-Halal Wine (Specially for non-muslim friends or for any munafikun)


Dance floor will be prepared for ballroom dance. Among the performers for that night will be M. Nasir, Michael Buble and Bosnian beloved singer, Mr Boris Novkovic.

Actually, I already have the complete guest list, but I don't think anyone will bother to read each and every names on the list, so, I just post the top 30 peoples that I want them to be at my wedding. FYI, the names on this list will be flown to Siem Reap on a chartered flight fully paid by the groom's bestman. Additional information, this will be a small wedding, attended by close friends and relatives, total guest will be less than 150. Another wedding will be held separately in Malaysia with expected guests of 10,000.


  • Wedding Planner : Iqram Zulkifli & Hafizzudin Mohd Noor
  • Groom's Suit : Tim Gunn
  • Fragrance : An associate professor in a local university and also an expert on esters (I can't put out the name)
  • Head of Security : Mr. Aaron Cohen (Israeli Special Force Operative)
  • Food QA&QA/Lead taster : Mr. Qamaruddin Fauzi
The estimated cost for the wedding will be about USD 100,000,000. 

In the case of me unable to afford the cost, there will be slight changes on the plan, where, the wedding will be held at my childhood home, in Penaga in a dewan orang ramai (community hall) and the food will be prepared by my neighbours. Security aspects will be controlled by RELA, suit will be rented from Kak Kiah Pakaian Pengantin Kepala Batas. The only thing that won't change is that the food will still be tasted by Mr Qamaruddin.


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