You Don't Mess With THE Anwar Ibrahim

On one normal evening, as usual, I was bored, and decided to tweet an old friend of mine, Anwar Ibrahim. Less than 5 minutes after getting my reply, this is what I've gotten from the supporters, (to keep the surprising elements, I'll show you the tweet and the reply at the end of this posting).

There's a few more, but, I've just selected a few. These were the replies obtained just by tweeting this;

And getting a reply like this;

Yes, I know how you adore The Great Anwar Ibrahim, but....err..I just don't want to talk about it. BUt anything, good for you Anwar, you'll need a  lot of hardcore supporter to hold any demonstration soon in the future when laws are just not good enough for you.

But, despite being able to reply tweet such as mine in less than 5 minutes, 

it always makes me wonder, why question such as the following will not be getting any reply at all;


But anyway, congratz in becoming someone really famous on cyberspace, I hope, if you won the next election (or succeeded in the next coup d'etat), why not appoint all those famous people in twitter to be on your cabinet also.

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